In the middle means so many things to me.  At this time in my life I am in the middle.  When you start something there is a beginning middle and end!  No matter where you are in life there is a middle.

When you are trying to bring people together we are wanting to meet in the middle! As I was thinking about in the middle it brought back a lot of hope for me.  If you are in the middle of something, you are being progressive. It is not like you gave up! You are moving toward something.  I am in the middle of a lot in my day to day life.  Each middle is progress toward people, things and accomplishments! In life we can be so caught up about the end result that we can rush past things that are important.  Look at the results of being in the middle get us.

It starts with an idea! It then becomes an action plan toward the goal set off of that idea. From there you are working toward the middle and ultimately to completing the outcome. Being in the middle also can be destructive if you are one to give up.  New plan GET UP so the middle  does not become your quit!  Its okay when things do not go our way.  Sometimes we need to go back to the plan and revisit the why’s and what’s in it for me! If remember there is a reason for why and what’s in it for me! You can re-evaluate and come to a new place of understanding.  It is okay to restart!

I was looking at times in my life that being in the middle brought great success.  Completing my Life & Health State Insurance license. This was a tough exam.  Truly a victory when I completed. Going from working with youth to adult education. Learning how to public speak for huge groups and be comfortable. Planning for career moves within the same company and accomplishing this. So being in the middle can be just the beginning of great new things!

A lot of great times came out of being in the middle.  Allow yourself to enjoy life’s journey from the perspective of in the middle.