New Perspective

Sometimes we need to get a new perspective!  Break out of our daily routines to see someone else’s perspective.  I was observing my great nephew today as I hugged his brother Destin.  Taven watched from afar.  Taven has Autism and his perspective of our world is very different.  Taven does not really speak.  He will come to you to given him a hug and I will get a few kisses in on his fluffy pretty blond hair.  My niece loves and works hard to keep Taven happy.  Her husband Tom loves both his children.

Sandra his mother has learned to understand the needs of her son.  She can see what he needs and how to react to Taven’s sounds that only a mother can.  You can see this family is truly one with one another.  Each family member caring about one another.

Taven came to spend the morning with my sister and her boyfriend.  Taven is comfortable now at my sisters home.   Cindy recently moved into this home and it cause Taven a lot of stress.  He was confused to why Grandma and Grandpa did not live in there other house?  To Taven this was confusing.  He seemed more adjusted to take direction from all of us.  I actually was quite impressed with his peaceful demeanor.  He did speak saying “Love you!” “Mom” “Dad” and “Brother”

His world may appear simple.  Yet it is not.  He deals with being trapped inside his own thoughts and how he processes confuses others unless you take time to learn from Taven.  Taven is part of 24.8 million people who are diagnosed with this neurological disease.  1 out of every thousand children are now born with a form of Autism.

Take time to learn about Autism-