19,495 days I have had thus far.  We all have a life clock that only God knows will stop.

As I think of my clock I wonder how many more days will God bless me with here on earth?  I hope I get more time.  Time is important to correct things.  We all need a bit more time to say we are sorry!  I wish I did not hurt you!  How can we fix this?  Life is short!  I found this excersize of calculating all the days past very eye opening.

What could I have done differently?  How many days have a missed of joy?  How many moments I would like to have back!  Eating dinner with my grand parents.  Folding clothes for the nice neighbor lady who hired me when I was a child.

The long walks with my Step Mother. Playing baseball with my siblings on the farm.   Time to have known my parents.  I would have loved to used some of these past days hugging more loved ones.  Being understood! Knowing God better!  Knowing myself better!

But what can I do today!  How about appreciating all the things God has provided me thus far.  The loved ones he shared with me.  The love of my best friend who is my husband today for past 12793 days. We have raised 3 girls and several foster kids have been part of our life experience.

We are all sent here for a purpose. Some people know their purpose as others of us struggle to understand what and why they are here.

My twin sister is very successful.  Her life experience has been quite different from my experience.  Yet we were born the same day and only minutes between one another.  Her life experience has been filled with love and work!   She makes money and I chase money!

We both have 2 children! Our oldest both born on the Number 25 and our youngest were both born on the number 6.  Our oldest children have both tend to have traits similar to their cousin.  Our youngest born on the number 6 are both really compassionate.  Similar traits as their cousin.

I had a heart attack at 45 and I am heavy.  My twin is thin!   God only knows why we get the lives we get.  This past year has been a journey of hope and failure.   I am now waiting on God to move mountains that I cannot move.  My faith has been tested and the evil one likes to steal your day.  He likes stop clocks and he likes to put doubt where joy should be.

When I look at my life versus my twin.  I can feel very unsuccessful!  But I need to look at my life and see what God has provided me.  He has given and he can take! His blessings have been ubundant.  We still have the sun come up!  We still smell the flowers and the trees.  I value time with my family and love being in my kitchen serving up a nice family meal where we sit down at our table as a family.

I am very glad for what I am!  I am a child of God and God will do a great work in me until he takes me home.  Thank YOU Heavenly Father for giving me each special day.

Celebrate your life clock and rejoice.