I find myself thinking this a lot. What to do?  What to do now?  What to do tomorrow?  What to do when this fails?  What to do when we don’t have anything left to sell?  What to do when?  These are all tough What to do’s to deal with.

When I become pitted against my own ideas and start giving into this type of thinking I remind myself of the following!  I can fail!  I can always do something different!  I can choose to let tomorrow take care of itself!  I can change things because I have the power to do so!

Sometimes we need to remember our past accomplishments.  Remember that you to have defeated the dragon of doubt.  Doubt is not of God it is of the Evil one.

When things do not work out and we have to try something different we forgot that we are not alone.  I am convicted as I write this because I find this to be so true of me.   I give up sometimes on me.  I have been dieting with my youngest daughter and she is making great progress.  I am struggling.  this always makes me feel like a failure.

But when I take a step back and look at how I feel even though the scale is not moving as fast as I want it to.  I have to remind myself I am 53 years old.   I am not 15!  The goal is to have fun while I watch my daughter find love in exercise!  This is a victory for me to see her want to go to the gym.  She is finding her inner person and having fun doing so.

What to do today ?  I choose to pray and be thankful for the moments when I do not have the answers!   I have to trust in God to pull me thru just as he has done always!

Grab your what to do attitude today and pray!  Happy 4th of July to our Great Country and to you!