Boxing the wind

We are born for a plan and sometimes we are not aware what God has in store.


Well in my quest to get healthier I have been going to the gym and tonight had the best boxing workout!   I have always power walked and boxed the wind!  Hitting a bag is so different!  The first time I went I was so beat.   On return to home I  fell into bed with exhaustion.  I was not certain I wanted to it again!  Ever!    But this it was invigorating!  I opened up to this and time just flew.  I boxed for more then half the time I was in the gym.  I let go and found my “old Lady rhythm!”

The body aches are here anyway so why not challenge myself.  I find my self at a place where I don’t know what the week holds.  It is tough to start something.  I set goals but if you don’t have people to support those goals they are only dreams.   Going to a gym where 95% of all the participants are in perfect shape is very humbling.

I am not in perfect health and from years of sedentary jobs I am not thin.  I am  truly in the worst condition.  I committed to getting healthy with my youngest daughter.  We have been counting calories, eating salads and now we added the gym.  When you are young the weight comes off.  Not so easy when you are in your 50’s.

Sometimes we have to get out of sync so we can find our way back to us!  I feel like I have been doing this the past few months.  Getting reconnected to me and God.

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