Granola Break

It seems like it has been a few days since I have been here!  I have been so busy with home projects and studying.   I am studying to be a Real Estate Agent.  I have held a degree in Interior Design that I have never seen my education return on its investment.  Primarily,  because where I live.  I love interior design!  I think because it’s all about the people who live in the space you create! I adore  Joanna & Chip Gaines on Fixer Upper on HGTV!   I think working together in anything makes life better.

I was reading recently a story about Joanna.  She actually studied in New York to go into broadcasting. Funny how God says “No” and he sends you in a new direction.

I love to read about others because we see things we can relate to!  In the end our lives are what we plan and what God then takes our hearts too!

Granola is a thing I am being directed to by God right now. I just started a Granola Company!  We specialize in low glycemic & low sugar options. sugars.  We use local honey or organic maple.  We just launched on

I spend time listening to what my customers want and formulating flavor profiles. I hit gold with the Apricot blend and a peach mango.  Today we took orders and replenished local stores that are carrying our line.  It is never easy to start something new.   It seems like people who cannot dream do just that they do not dream. They give up.  I feel like that a lot but I have to work towards what I start.

I hope my Granola is like MANNA from God.

I would love to visit with anyone who has started a small food start up!