Fresh Eggs & Tomatoes

To get more out of life, one must set standards and goals to get what they want!


In life there are things that become part of who you are. Fresh tomato sandwiches on my home made bread! Like fresh eggs make all the difference in my bread recipe.   Quality ingredients makes everything better!

I grew up in a huge house and fell in love with food when I took Home Economics in high school. Susan Feezer was the teacher.   I could not wait to go to that class.   We learned really basic dishes.   However I was from a poor family so the foods I got to prepare in this class made me want to cook at home.

Our food at home was fresh eggs, tomatoes, onions, zucchini squash and other vegetables.  In that class I learned how to turn these items into meals!  I could not wait to go home and show my Dad I could read a recipe and cook!  That love of cooking has stayed with me forever and I am so thankful.

When I married my husband I really did not still know the amazing world of food that my children enjoy today. I had never had BBQ nor had I  had tasted home made chicken noodle soup or any home made foods.  Those basic recipes I had learned in school Home Economics really helped me out as a new wife.    My step mother cooked a lot of boxed foods such as Hamburger Helper, mac and cheese, goulashes and quick noodle meals.

One of my most treasured thing today is a cook book given to me by my Aunt Audrey for our wedding. The dishes I made out of that cook book are still staples.  I was always fearful of making bread. Now I make bread without a recipe. My daughters are just amazed I can do this.

Setting down to dinner is a special time for our family. I try to bring us all together for one meal a day that symbolizes my love for them with fresh vegetables, produce and meat. On occasion fresh cut bread and butter.

My daughter asked me why farm fresh?  I explained to her that she is worth the best! That is why I buy Farm Fresh!

Appreciation of  what we care about becomes part of our families memories.  I hope the love we share around our table will be shared with  new generations to come.

I hope I gave you something to think about- What do you do to show those around you they matter? Loved to here from you!