As a small girl I loved watching my mother put her make up on. Her process was not very in depth in 1970. I was five years old. I remember Mom was a mystery to me. She did not like to bake, she did not like to cook, she did not like to do much other then read. She loved to read. She did not read to us. There were five children and I am the youngest by five minutes.

We had moved to town. The house on West Highway had been the only house I knew. Dad had opened his own welding shop. This had been a dream of Dads for a long time. Dad was well known as a welder. the new house was right beside Dad’s Welding Shop.

I remember Mom went out and bought really pretty carnival glass oil lamps. I would love to have these today. She decorated the living room. The house we moved to was a basement house. I remember thinking what a strange house. It had 3 bedrooms which was great. Scott had a room and us four girls shared a room.

Mom seemed happy at first when we moved here. I did not know it would be the last place Mom and Dad would live together as husband and wife!

Mom never wanted us around a lot. When you would go to her room the door would be locked. She liked to read and not be disturbed.

My oldest sister Glen really was more of a mother then Mom. Dad would normally get glen up and she would get us up. Glen was the one who cleaned the house. Mom would do the laundry. I remember Glen giving my sister and I our baths. She would scrub our feet and wash our hair. A lot of times she was disgusted that we were so dirty from playing. Glen would be the one to dress us.

When my Mom was going somewhere I would beg her to let me go. Mom would always say no. I remember one time begging Mom to let me go with her. She said no. I am too busy today! “You are going to stay home with your sisters!” “Now go on!”

I got an idea! I would hide in her car. So I went out and got in the back of her car. there was a blanket in the back seat. I brought this up over me and I waited for Mom to come. Mom always wore white dress slacks and had white blouse and white cowboy boots when she went to town

As I waited I pondered when I should appear. I knew I better be quiet not to get caught. I was quiet as a mouse as Mom entered her Big Buick. This car was so pretty and really big to a five year old.

As Mom started the car I got so excited. I was going to go to town with Mom and have fun with her. As the car moved I was so happy. Mom would be so excited to see me, I thought!

The car pulled in front of the Telegram news paper and came to a stop! It was my moment to surprise Mom.

I came up out of the backseat throwing the blanket off of me. My mothers reaction was not as I had imagined it! I said “Surprise!” Mom screamed and Opened the door of her car so fast and jumped out. She did not seem so happy to see me. I giggle a bit as I remember her re action. However Mom was not pleased that I had disobeyed.

I about gave her a heart attack. I remember the look of sadness that she was not happy to see me. She composed herself and said come on.

Best part of this story is I got hang out with my Mom that day. I would like to tell you I did not scare my mother or do anything naughty but……I cannot!