The Switch

If any of you have read my blog recently I revealed that I am a twin. My sister Cindy is an amazing woman. When we were growing up in Wyoming in small town USA we were known as the CRESS TWINS. At home I swear I did not know my name. Dad would holler “Hey twin, or “Hey you twin!” “One of YOU twins come here!” In school we were the Cress Twins! For most our school years we went to a country school where we were in the same class. So we were always together until we got into high school and we became independent of one another.

I felt I was half a person. If Cindy was late to class the teacher would ask “where is your sister!” This drove me crazy!

For birthdays we would get ONE card with $5.00 dollars from our grand parents. We would get ONE blanket as a gift! A board game for both of us. One doll to share.

I am sure that no one thought this was a big deal but it hurt both our feelings at times. We are paternal twins. We looked just like one another when we were in school. To say we were not a handful, well would be incorrect! We were always up to something. Cindy was the leader and I was the willing follower!

When we were in First grade we lived in town and attended Lincoln Elementary. Cindy decided that we should switch classes. Mrs. Martinez and Ms. Thompson would not notice. So Monday I went to Mrs. Martinez class and Cindy went to Ms. Thompson’s class. Back in the 1970’s the school nurse came around on Thursdays and swabbed your throat for strep. My luck! Here came the Nurse into Mrs. Martinez’s room to get Cindy who I was impersonating. I walked down to the nurse room and she had me wait as she called my Mother. Mother was not home. I was so relived.

But she called my Dad at his work and Dad told her that he would not be able to come get me. So the nurse tells my dad “I can bring her to you if this will help!” Oh man, was I sweating. I knew I was in for a spanking for sure. So reluctantly I went with the nurse dragging my feet all the way.

When we got to Dad’s business he had me go into the office and lay down. He spoke with the nurse. The nurse explained to Dad that I needed a penicillin shot and be kept me home for 2 days to make sure I was not contagious. Oh I was scarred. I did not remember ever getting a shot before. other then when I was a baby. Then MOM showed up.

Oh no! I thought MOM will notice that I am NOT CINDY! She comes in and comforts me and tells me to get my stuff. We go home and I mean I did not look at Mom and I did not speak to her. She told me to go lay down while she called the doctors office to see if they could get me in. My Day was just not going well at all. I was worried about Cindy who was playing me at school. Oh and that I was going to probably die because I was not Cindy and I was taking her shot. Cindy was going to die because she did not get her shot because I got her shot. WE WERE BOTH GOING TO DIE.

I was just a mess! I was sure Mom would notice my name was not Cindy and I would not have to die because of taking the shot that the real CINDY needed. No luck! Mom came into the room and said well its time to go see Doc Rutt! Oh man I wanted to tell her. But I was afraid.

How stupid was I! My last hope was that the Doctors Office would know I was NOT CINDY! I waited for Doctor Rutt to come in. I expected Mom to realize that I was not Cindy. Nope! I took her shot!

The nurse gave me a lollipop and I started crying and I cried so much that she gave me another lollipop. I was crying because I was going to die!

My mother was quite irritated with me. She kept say stop crying. “That shot did not hurt that bad.” I cried all the way home. I went right to my bedroom and cried myself to sleep. When Cindy came home after school. She came running into see why I left school.

I told her what had happened and then I told her that she was going to die and that I was going to die. At seven years old. I was sure this is how it was going to be. We both cried and cried. We would not come out of our room. Our oldest sister came in and we finally told her what happened. She said “Oh you are in so much trouble when Dad gets home!” We cried even more.

Cindy and I started talking about how sad everyone was going to be when they came to our funeral. and we cried even more. Our sisters were in the hall laughing. Dad came into the room and he said we better tell him what we did.

I told him it was all my fault and that we loved him very much and Mom too but we had switched classes and I took Cindy’s shot and Cindy was going to die because she did not get the shot. Dad laughed so hard.

Fortunately neither one of us died. However we did decide switching classes was not a good idea!

I would like to tell you that the “Cress twins” changed their ways and never did anything that was naughty again. However.