Coffee Time-

Quality time is different for everyone. One might think going on weekend trips with the love of their life is just all that. For me quality time these days are treasured when I wake up to my husband bringing me a cup of coffee in bed.

Bryan brings me a cup of coffee almost every morning. Bryan is a unique person who truly gets me! It is hard to believe that we will be married 33 years.

Our morning coffee starts my day off! It makes me glad he is my best friend in this thing called life. Together we have accomplished raising three amazing young women. Each unique as their parents.

As I get older a lot of things are not important. Status of a new car every two years, a new address nor a new spring and summer wardrobe. The money I have spent trying to buy new clothes alone is enough to pay for a very nice vacation home. It takes time to get to the place of comfort where you are glad to see the summer wardrobe move from the back closet to the front closet. I look at this as seeing my old friends. The same with the yard furniture. You pull it out of the storage and it makes its home back on the front porch where we now enjoy our coffee. The smell of flowers and fresh cut grass feel my nose and I am glad to be in this place.

I live in Nebraska and where I live is much slower then when I lived in cities with the rush of the traffic and the hustle & bustle. I like this life a lot better. The best coffee comes right from my cup with my favorite guy! It is priceless! To be in this house that we have raised three girls, loved many pets and spent these precious coffee breaks building up one another.

Quality of life is appreciation for where you are in this moment. IMG_7239