Can He Here Me?

I sometimes wonder if my prayers are heard. We get in places of despair that we bring on ourselves and when we are at the end of our ropes. We hit our knees!

When life is going well we might not even realize that we are not spending time in fellowship with our Lord. Things are good we think so we get out of focus with what we should do everyday.

A year ago I took a job that I really felt was below my skills set. My new boss told me that I could come in at 9 AM. I was so excited! Because it gave me time with my daughter in the morning and it allowed me the hour of mediation and prayer to  express my heart and to start my day in a place of thankfulness and praise.

Satin does not like us having time to fellowship! If you think I am joking I am NOT. All of the sudden I had this job offer that was just great! a lot more money and it was in a my field of expertise. My husband and I thanked the Lord. I know realize that we were  deceived.

I took this new job and what I believed would be a great thing turned out to be a terrible job. I am home now in recovery of this role. I am glad to be healing and allowing for solitude and time to thank God daily for what he has helped me through.

I am aware when I am stubborn and not listening either. God does here me when I trust in him. He however, cannot here me if I am whining.  I want God to here my prayers and I want his intervention because I become very aware that I cannot do this by myself.  We are not to be on our own. We belong to a family in Christ.

God has moved mountains in my life and I am so thankful for this. Sometimes we have to stop and listen to here God talking. I can be working in the house and all of sudden I will set down check email and I will find God sending me an answer. It can be when I am on the phone with a friend who out of the blue calls me and something comes up that I have needed help with. God is present always. We must choose to seek and wait to here his answer.

You are Magnificent and You are his! God wants to be part of your life. In closing I hope that this blog blesses you-