Cut Crystal Juice Glasses & Breakfast

Remember when you first started out on your own? It was a simple time where all those items that you collected became part of your everyday life. I remember having juice out of the little cut crystal juice glasses that I got at an auction when I was 12. Oh I loved those little juice glasses.

Breakfast in that little three room cottage was the best. I thought I had the world in that place. Scrambled eggs with lowery seasoning salt and American cheese, white toast and peanut butter and that orange juice! What a great memory. To respect the past you have to revisit it. By pulling out the photo albums, reading old cards that you kept because someone loved you enough to give you a card!

Spring cleaning brings all these items out of the cupboards in the midst of the dust. Each item an artifact of you!  The books I purchased that I forgot I still had. So as much as clearing the house of junk becomes a journey back to days past. We need to  hold to items that might not be value to anyone else. But to you, that item holds a special story all about you!

As we move forward in life we need to realize the roads we took that started the life full of things.  Some special and some not so much. The important things always seem to never make it to the Goodwill donation pile. Spring Cleaning always makes me happy to revisit and even share these items stories with my daughters. One day when I am gone hopefully as they are going thru the house they will remember the stories I shared and see value in what was important to me. cut crystal juice glasses that I got for working an auction at age 12. A part of me and my story-