Second Act

I here people always talking about their second act and how great its going to be. I want to know how their first act went! This seems to be the world

‘focus. When we accomplish this or that we will arrive at success!

I am here to tell you that this is crap! To be happy we need to stop looking to the next act. Be happy in the act of life today! I used to be the ” Second Act” type of thinker too!

Why should I think the second part of my life will be better. The first act is not over! We work so hard to accomplish things that we forget to enjoy were we are today.

Today I am wife, a mother, a sister, a friend and blogger. What I do for a living does not define me. Who I am as a woman does define me! None of the people I have ever worked for cared about me as soon as I was gone. It is not that they did not care. We all move onto different roles and those people are not the reason I was working in the first place!

Be in the Act of living to your fullest. The second act will be here soon enough. Life is what we make it! I want to be remembered as the person who took time to bake bread for her family. A person who took time to volunteer to help someone else. I want my Act to be actions that I took for the betterment of all whom I love.