Love Of Wine Makes For A GOOD LIFE-

Wine evokes so many emotions for me. I love wine. The collecting of wine. I did not start drinking wine to collect it. However with my career and traveling I never have time to be at home to enjoy a glass. I love wine so much that I belong to two different wine company clubs that send me wine.

I started drinking wine when my doctor suggested a little red wine for my heart. At first I did not like red wine. Now I appreciate a variety of red and white. Now to tell you that I can select a great wine for you would be silly! Wine is unique to your palette.

Prairie Berry is a Winery in Hill City,  South Dakota and they are producing some amazing wines. I love their wines and one of my favorite wine is their Lawrence Elk. is a black current wine. Truly a wine I will purchase again and again. I love it with smoked almonds, dried blue berries, really amazing sharp cheese preferably Vermont white.

When I drink wine I appreciate the wine so much more if I pair the wine with food.

When I started dating my husband 38 years ago he would bring me a specific wine. That wine is from Spain and is not really considered a wine to a lot of wine drinkers. That wine is a must to buy and most often is found in my refrigerator. It is Real Sangria for Spain. this blend goes amazing with a really good burger and fries. Sometimes you just want to revisit those special moments in your life. Wine does this for me.

Real Sangria sells for less then $ 8 dollars

Prairie Berry Lawrence Elk sells for 18.00 dollars