The struggles in life never seem like they will go away. That is how you feel when you are going through those struggles. Yet when I am in a place of struggle this is when I turn to my family. I want to be surrounded by these amazing gifts from God.

In these times I create moments that fulfill me as I await on understanding and practice patience. I am not good at being patient. I fret and forget that this too shall pass. As I think of struggles I think of great things I have done in those times.

At age 45 I had a heart attack. I missed the signs because I was to busy trying to make a living to notice. I was very tired and was pushing myself really hard. I had a huge house project I was working on along with working full time. I went for almost 2 months before I ended up in the emergency room because the uvula in between my tonsils was swollen. The young PA told me that I needed to go the hospital and insisted that I do so. I did and when they admitted me they took some blood and checked my blood pressure they were sure I had something wrong with my heart.

The doctor who came in told me that I had to have my tonsils out due to the infection. But they needed to give me blood because I was very anemic. they gave me 2 units of blood that night. By morning I had color in my cheeks and I felt great! No idea that I was this sick. They gave me 2 more units of blood that day and antibiotics to ward off the infection so I was stable enough to take the tonsils out. through all of this they found that I had a heart attack. I would have 1 more unit of blood before surgery.

Go in because I think I have just an infection in my tonsils to the knowledge of a heart attack. This incident got me to slow down and to look at my life differently.

I learn to appreciate my kitchen and the simple things of making pickles for the first time in my life. to making home-made preserves and bread. I learned to set on my patio and appreciate the flowers that I planted and smell them. To hug my daughters more and my husband. to appreciate my brother more. Struggles can make us better. Struggles are always scary no mater what it is. Struggles are seasons in our lives that we grow thru.

I hope what ever season of struggle you are going thru that you can look back and reflect how good came through this time making you stronger.