Good Life Is A Life With Balance

A good life is a life with balance. That is not an easy thing to have. Everyone has to work and most people I know work more than 1 job to get by.

When I married my husband 35 years ago we paid six thousand dollars for our home and the new Nissan cost eight thousand! I remembered being so freaked out about that amount of debt. I was self employed cleaning houses and my husband worked out full time and always was willing to work over time if it was offered.

Funny how we don’t hold to the simple times! Because we are NOT supposed too. We are to grow and be more! That is not always that easy to do. The children came along with their needs being more important. Then the cost of raising a family becomes the focus.

I am no different than any other mother who has had to work full time, plus run a house, pay the bills and struggle to feel balanced. With chaos daily showing up.

So to get that balance you have to plan it into your day. My balance needs might look different than yours. I need my hour with God in the morning. Then sometimes mid morning I need to read something that keeps my focus on him and not myself.

I make lists- I read somewhere if you write in blue ink you are more apt to remember what you wrote and follow thru. I have the best blue pens and paper on my desk.

Balance to some is getting up early and having morning coffee and running. I wish this was me but it is not me. Some people think it is when they come home and have a drink. I do love wine but I forget to drink it.

What ever we do to have balance it must be your own. planning the family meals gives my joy and it is part of my balance these days.