The Joy Of Peace Of Mind

What a topic! Joy of peace of mind! I have lost a lot of sleep over peace of mind and not having it! When I look back at why I did not have peace of mind. I am convicted of my own life choices that I then rationalize at the time as making a living! No more!

Peace of mind gives me joy these days where stress kept me wound so tight that I had chest pains and high blood pressure. I gained a ton of weight and just kept pushing myself over the top running to please a boss I could not please.  These days I am in recovery from that life. Yes it means giving up 100K dollar year job that was doing nothing but stealing my joy.

Being healthier has a lot to do with my personal joy. Yesterday I started my personal journey of dieting.  I am juicing. I love to juice and with the change in my career a year ago I stopped. I felt so much better when I was balanced and juicing.

I love blueberries so I tend to use blueberries, green alkaline powder, protein powder, chi seed and water with ice. However my daughter uses almond milk.

I would love to get your ideas what you do!  Today I made a carrot, apple, chi seed, cucumber and pineapple smoothie. It was very good!

Good Life for Half Tip:  when using chi seeds soak for five minutes while you prepare you smoothie. It is called blooming!