Today was a day well spent.  I woke to my dear husband bringing me a cup of coffee in bed.  I enjoyed the morning deep cleaning my closet.  Some of you might think this is not exactly fun!  You would be correct!  I detest cleaning closets, cupboards etc.  However it is almost winter and the summer wardrobe needs to takes its place in the back of the closet.  I have been putting this job off because I really hate the narrow space and it means moving everything out and then bringing it back into the space.  I think there is a lot of things like closets we put off.  The time to set down and write a note to a loved one who we have become distant too.  Time with your children.  Where you spend time listening to them.

Mid morning, I became hungry and sought out the refrigerator to find NO eggs.  So I decided to wake the daughter and ask her if she would like to accompany me to a date to town to find some nourishment.  She was in!  Of course this took almost 2 hours because she has to be model beautiful to go anywhere.  After lunch we visited some cute shops down town. When I got home I went back to the closet organization.  3 bags of garbage and 1 huge bag to items for Goodwill!  The closet project always reminds to be thankful for what God has provided me. I revisit old pictures, old memento’s and get re- acquainted to my winter apparel.

When the closet is done it just makes me pleased.  I know that when I am getting ready in the morning it will save me time.  All my current winter wardrobe is easily accessible and I fill restored.  Some people can manage in chaos and disorder.  I tend to do better when things are orderly.

A day well spent ended with a evening well spent in relaxation.  Order is a good thing.


Love Of Country

My son in law is young and feels persecuted in our great country!  I was doing research on my family tree.  My grandfather’s family came to the United States in 1887 landing in Pennsylvania from Germany.  They came to this Country with the belief of hope for a better life.  Henry Kress was his name.  He did just this!  Our Country is built on those just like my grandfather who believed in the dream.

My father was born in the great depression.   As I thought of how out of touch we are  today!   My father was born into a world where their was no food stamps, no government assistance to families.  People had to rely on themselves and the love of their families and neighbors and local charitable acts of kindness. Thru the great depression grew reliance toward State and Union establishing programs to help people in crisis.  Prior to this, neighbors took care of one another.  People supported their churches and communities they lived in.  They came together to serve one another.

Growing up in a small rural community I remember coming home to neighbors leaving groceries on the porch at Christmas.  Family members sending cheese baskets. cookie platters being dropped off.  People helped people.  I was raised to be resilient and to believe that I could accomplish much if I tried.

Back in the time of my father’s life, people who lost everything would live in boarding houses. People to save their own homes were forced to take in tenants.  Grand homes became 1 room apartments for people.  Parents had were forced to send children to orphanages to entrust their children were safe and would be fed.

Exodus 14:14 states The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”  When I think of what God has done for my family of generations!  I am reminded that no mater what when we stand together we can accomplish much.  Isaiah 41:13 states  For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.

I am humbled at God’s love of my family and what he has seen so many of us thru and what he does everyday to walk with me hand in hand!  Life is a struggle and at times it is easy to give up.  God’s word says “GET UP!”  “YOU ARE NOT ALONE!”   Be thankful and brave!

The following excerpt was found on Ansestry.com

By the spring of 1933, working class and rural Americans were tightly in the grip of the Great Depression. Forty percent of the nation’s banks failed between 1929 and 1933, and almost 4-million manufacturing jobs were lost as consumption and production became locked in a downward spiral. The first “New Deal” created by President Franklin Roosevelt and his cabinet was aimed at providing relief and recovery to those hit hardest by the depressed economy. A farmer wrote in her diary in 1933 about the impact of the “New Deal” in rural areas: “Well, the national farm strike … set for May 13 has been postponed, for which we are all thankful. They came to that decision after Roosevelt signed the farm bill, which makes it possible for the loan companies to refinance mortgages. … Well, it gives us more courage to go on. We had about given up ever trying to keep up anymore.”



This Thanksgiving was quite different.  No more family get togethers with Aunts and Uncles.  Just our children!  It is heart breaking to realize the extended family will not know what it is to have meals with Aunts and Uncles who celebrate thankfulness of coming together to appreciate one another.  Our youngest gets very upset when she asks who’s coming for Thanksgiving.

I have raised my children with the emphasis on family gatherings.  Although our table has not seen my siblings rarely at the table for Holidays.  We would see my husbands parents and his sister and children.  Our grandson from Omaha was missed this year.

Traditions are so important.  This year I served my staff at work lunch. My daughters and husband were part of this by cutting the roasted turkey up and bringing it to work for me.  I made cranberry sauce.  We did not celebrate yesterday our Thanksgiving.  We had our celebration today.  As I was leaving my husband this morning, was putting our turkey in the oven and when I came home I found my daughter Haylie has made the pies, had completed all the sides and had dinner on the table by 1 PM.  Kelsey our youngest was so excited because they cooked the meal.  Hope for passing on the traditions was evident as we welcomed our son-in-law to our table.  As we welcomed our little grandson to our table. Those who used to come will be missed.  However the love of our family recipes and love for fellowship will just be different.  Passing traditions serves more than those at the table, it respects those who have shared the tradition prior to us!

To Be Greatful!


I am reminded daily to be encouraged and to be thankful!  Now with this said, do I always show the appreciation that I should?  GOOD LIFE FOR HALF was out of my need to work thru my failings!  No one wants to admit failings.  My thanks today comes from those moments in my life where I failed God, failed family, failed me!

Out of these now learned lessons that i am most thankful for half the pain of these moments that have brought me to a place of reflection.  On my desk I have a plaque that I display to keep my eyes focused on,  “In everything give thanks!” 1st Thessalonions 5:18

Psalm 9:1 Give Thanks to you Lord with all my heart!  When I was a small child and I was naughty my Dad would punish me by sending me to my room to think of what I did.  We then would talk after Dad had calmed down about what I had done.  Now as I look back this was the begining of bad choices that would result in failure!  Failure to please my Dad because I made a bad choice.

Fail moments really leave there mark!  Like Dad sending me to my room he was trying to correct that wrong behaviors.  When we fail it allows us to learn if we are not being stubrun and not willing to own our failings.  The best thing happened when I learned thru my relationship that I found with Jesus.  On that fateful evening back in October 1983 I learned about God’s love and how he would correct me thru out my life.

As I await the 20 pound turkey to come out of the over that I will be serving to team members not my family this Thanksgiving 2017 I am reminded to thankful for my life failings and of course all my successes that God has bestowed upon my life.

I choose Thanksgiving each day because I am truly humbled by the lessons and blessings that God has provided for me!  A humble dumb failure of a woman he has turned into a woman of love, faith and hope!

Thank YOU Heavenly Father for truly being a father of correction along with helping me everyday be closer to you!


We have lived in our home for as long as we have been married.  It started out as small.  As you walked into the house, you passed thru a small hall into the living room.  One of the first projects Bryan did, was to remove10423259_755834237798380_2341331150574818377_n10690010_755835341131603_4199227567435461829_n.jpg this area and opened it to rest of the room.  We then took out all the windows out from the front of the house and enclosed it.

The home has seen us thru children, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers.  We over the year had opened our house to people who did not have a place to live.  I guess as I think about this home.  It really has served so much more than our family.

Our home is not grand with beautiful wood floors,   It does not have ample closets.  Over the years we have really out grown our home.  I really do not like the layout of it.  I wish It was more open, the kitchen is not big and grand like I wish it was.

We are not to the type to go buy all new furnishings.  I have always tried to maintain the house hold to be very tasteful and well manicured inside and out.  One day I will not have to pick up every ones shoes.    My biggest pet peeve is my daughters shoes all over the living room.  I will not spend a whole day doing laundry.  Or standing in the kitchen having morning coffee as my husband is leaving to go to work.

All things have their season.  It is funny how we forget to just learn to appreciate these moments and to be thankful for old house that we call home.  As I write this I am setting in my Master suite that my husband built out love for me.  The roof covers my head, he built.  I needed to be reminded of the love of this place I call home.

Home is where you story is!  It is where your heart is at peace.

2 SAMUEL 7:11 I’m going to give you peace from all your enemies. reminds me my home has been a place of refuge for many.  I have grown to understanding the art of home.


Oh the hurt our Country is going thru.  We are  mourning terror here on our soil.  Las Vegas left our Country in shock!  This week Cary Underwood had a tough time getting thru the tribute that she sang at the CMA Awards.

The impact ONE person has is huge.  We are Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, sisters, brothers, and friends,  We are co workers, acquaintances and people from all walks of life, cultures and beliefs.

Mental Health needs have been reduced in this Country.  Organization are not allowed to share about a persons medical records under HIPA.  The Armed Services are not disclosing either. Our local law enforcement are forced to send to hospitals with small units that work to regulate meds and release.

These folks leave a wake of terror in their midst.  The shooter in Texas was methodical as he shot people in the head.  He was not stable.  Evidence of his behavior shows he was building up to this event.

Days before he had shown up at the Church for the Harvest Festival dressed in all black and staring at everyone.  His conduct was concerning and he was observed.   He was a delusional man who was ignored based off a long history of mental health behavior.

He went to the church thinking his Mother In Law was going to be there.  She was not! However, his estranged wifes grandmother was!   She was on of the 26 victims.

Sutherland Springs,  Texas is a small rural community who took this man in and tried to show him kindness, courtesy, compassion and love.  I read that the Church is being demolished.  A monument will be built in remembrance of those who lost their lives.

He heals the brokenhearted and bounds their wounds PSALM 141:3


A women prays for the 26 lost victims.


Working Thru It

Sometimes we need to realize that we are working thru it!  It can be working thru not understanding our childrens choices,  It can be our life priorities.  We all working thru something.  This year has been a year of working thru things.

Our year started with the news of a grandson.  At 51 I was not really pleased that my daughter decided that she and her then boyfreind was going to be parents!  My life plan for her had her finishing her degree in Nursing.  Well I had to work thru this to realize that it is her road!  Tough conversation with God!  No anger just concerns!  God said let it go Mindy!  So with love I wrote my daughter a special letter.  I worked thru it!

April came and I my contract was over and I had to accept this. No wage coming I had to rely on God to open doors.  I to trust in God!   I was working thru this.   God did not foresake me.  He opened me up to new oporunities.   I worked thru this with his love and acceptance.

May came and our daughter announced she was getting married tommorow- It was not what I saw coming.  I was thinking our daughter would have waited, graduated college, fallen in love and then we would be planning this huge beautiful event.  I had to work thru this to stand with her in a court house as she gave her hand in marriage.

We started our Granola company and this was challenging but with God’s help we got things going.  However it is still slowly progressing We are working thru this-

Cancer again we are dealing with the unknowns of my best friends, my husband’s diagnosis.  He has surgery again.  We are working thru this.   Life is full of things we must work thru-  Best part of working thru things is God’s presence to not foresake us in our time of need.

No matter what Gods grace has been here thru everything!  2 corinthians 12:9 says “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.  I am weak but my God is strong.   Gods GRACE is how I am working thru what ever comes our way.

I am not afraid, I know that we will be working thru this with God always!  “You keep all your promises. You are the Creator of Heaven’s glory.  Earth grandaur, and ocean’s greatness PSALM 146:6

What ever life throws at me,   I am working thru it with thanks and faith- Would love to here what you are working thru! 2681422d4cccab40b96d23477e51f736