Looking Forward

Today we hosted Brunch at the Marketplace & Company downtown Mitchell, NE.  It has been a while since we have opened the doors on Sunday.  It is hard to build a brand. My vision has changed a lot since opening the Market.  I wanted to create different food based companies under one roof.  A coffee house, granola shop & Bakery, food shop & gifts and Italian Cuisine Restaurant.   Originally it was to have small start ups to work with us.  Really prefer not to do this now.

We found out how to adapt and to correct things that were not working.  I had to hire a day manager and both times this did not go well.  So now I hire staff at hourly wage and I manage it the way that I want.

Our goal is to create a special food experience while growing our catering.  Today the Market is ran solely by our family.  When developing the entrees I researched regions of Italy and developed the menu to reflect the unique foods of each region.  Adding the Wine Shop along with our other shops makes visiting the Market really special.

We celebrate Mitchell, Nebraska thru the art and the tribute back to the Sugar Beet Growers of Western Nebraska as Well Easter Wyoming who helped build the communities they were part of.  The walls of of our 97 plus old building have been painted out to reflect old block barn walls that would have been part of the landscape

The walls house art of youth taking the beets out of the fields, my fathers family who farmed and worked the beets as kids, and my own husband who has been part of the beet industry all his working life.  a mural of two men hand tossing beets in the back of  an old truck welcomes guest to a simple relaxing time.  Our goal is exceed our guests expectations when they walk thru the doors.   We will continue to change.  children-holding-sugar-beets-on-a-hall-co-farm-700x563

We are built on love of one another and love of God who has provided for us.


Fifty Four glorious years!  Happy New Year 2020!  As we reflect on the past 12 months I am reminded to be present into today!  I care about what was accomplished in 2019 however, I care about today and what God has planed for me.  I want to celebrate the past with thanks and be glad that I get to be in the year 2020!

What today holds for me is special.  My husband woke me with a cup of coffee as he has done for the past 37 years.  I love my mornings with my best friend.  He is my anchor, my joy and my dearest friend.  No matter what is going on in the world I get to love him.

I get to know my little grandman who has my heart!  He is growing so fast.  Then there are our children.  Haylie is growing into a wonderful business minded woman and Kelsey she is just changing faster than I can keep up.  What a wonderful time to just be happy in the gifts.  God has provided me with more then new years, he has given me a life I could not even imagine.  Thank You Heavenly Father and Happy New Years! 48398478_2579818405369603_5696541705960947712_n


It is obvious how unique we are and yet how very similar we are.  I had the pleasure to go to a new restaurant in Cheyenne, Wyoming called Naples that serves Italian food.

As we entered the 100 year old building I could tell we were entering a special place.  The building has been well preserved over time and it showed its age nicely with white linen table clothes and napkins we were ushered to a table.  The well-dressed waiter filled our glasses with water as if to say “welcome let us refresh you!”  He gave us menus and we started looking it over.  Our menu was similar to theirs.  Our price points much more affordable.

Italy and regions of Italy food really varies.  I look the create food that celebrates different regions.  I like to try new dishes.  At our restaurant Pesto we do an evening special along with our full menu.  I started doing this a month ago and I am so glad I did.  I am finding my chops!  It allows me to explore more of what I love and to share this with our guest.  I met the owner and his team came from New York City.  All of these folks expressed their boredom with the great city of Cheyenne, Wyoming.  To us it is a day trip to visit Cheyenne and love our shopping and food experience.

They all spoke of missing the city and the hustle and bustle.  Coming to Cheyenne is a day away from my world of work and stress of running my own company and working full time.  A day away always helps to have someone else serve me with a smile and today accents.

I Miss Cheyenne today as I think of the fun day I had there.


man pouring wine on glasses
Photo by Rene Asmussen on Pexels.com